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Country Joe offers these thouughts on the millennium:
What are the 20th century's important developments?

Certainly all communications developments, for they are at last showing us ourselves. It is hard to believe that all the world's misery came from an incomplete vision of what human global life really was. The wiring of the planet is enabling us to communicate as never before. Perhaps all versions of audio plus visuals in color is the most important. Seeing is believing. In the beginning of the century it took sometimes years to communicate a sentence to a nation. Today it take a microsecond to communicate a sentence to everyone via the telephone, television, and computer wired and unwired systems. Communication satellites orbit miles above us, slaves to our desire to talk-talk, see-see, communicate with each other.

The new war is on now for control of our image and our words and our actions, not only as nation-states, tribes and communities, but as a planet. In the next century, if humans do not kill themselves, we shall move from the dualities of the 20th century to the infinities of the 21st century. The new point of view, expressed in all languages at once, will create for the first time a global human face united, unhostile, and brand new. Who knows, maybe it will be possible for humans to do what Kurt Vonnegut's Tramalfadoreans do: think together in a cloud which forms over the planet. We all have seem many instances of joint nation-state efforts facilitated by global communications in modern times, mostly with violent repressive actions and divisive results. The 21st century will use the same global systems for the purpose of peaceful, healing, fun actions producing positive global results for the first time in human history. And because of the wired planet we can all participate together and see each other as never done before. These events will create an amazing human family awareness and vibration that will change our concepts of community and family. I can't wait.

-- Country Joe McDonald, Berkeley, California, 9/22/99

Jesse "Laughing Cactus" Slocum sings this apocalyptic takeoff on "Fixin' to Die" in Bloomington, Indiana:

As the Hog Flies Rag

Come on all you boys and girls
and watch this wide world as it whirls
We find ourSELF in a terrible jam
and it still could really go WHAM!
You, Yourself is where the JUBILEE starts
So, let's all sing and open up our hearts

And, it's 1,2,3, what is y2k for?
The big deuce with the triple zip!
Isn't this year a trip?
and, it's 5,6,7, why not draft ole Willie...Gates?
Don't just sit there and sigh and cry
Whoopee! Time for pigs to fly!!

Come on generals let's move fast
Your big chance has come at last
To help feed and clothe the world's poor
We don't need to have ANY war ANYmore!
So, make plowshares out of all your shields
Help us remove your mines from our fields!

And, it's 1,2,3...

Come on wall street, don't be slow
Look up from yer portfolio
Being THERE is like growing roses
This time around, Nobody needs to be Moses!
so, mulch in the fall, and harrow in the spring
Share in the Harvest as we sing:

And, it's 1,2,3...

(Why time for pigs to fly? Cuz still so many swear sooner pigs'd fly than there'd be a world wide JUBILEE ... time will tell, won't it?)

"Gregory K" contributes this bit of millennial wit:


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