Country Joe's Place

1999 Woodyfest


Here is what Thomas Conner said in the Tulsa World about my 1999 performance at the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Fest:

Me at Woodyfest
Photo copyright © 1999 by Jim Dirden
Country Joe McDonald started the show with a cantankerous kick. Still as feisty as he was when he played Woodstock 30 years ago next month, McDonald exhibited what 30 years of playing the guitar can teach a man. Not only were his lyrics riotously funny and biting (especially his "no-nukes Yankee Doodle"), the music he pulled out of a weathered acoustic guitar was rich and full -- sloppy here and there, but only sloppy in the sense of an intrepid player refusing to keep to the well-travelled path. "Janis," written years ago for Janis Joplin, rings with gorgeous chords and tender sentiment, and a slide instrumental, "Thinking About John Fahey," helped the concert live up to its title as a hootenanny.


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