Country Joe's Place

The Woodstock Glass Sculpture Project

Sculptor Peggy Pettigrew Stewart is casting the faces of Woodstock musicians for incorporation into commemorative glass sculptures. That's Sam Andrews of Big Brother and the Holding Company on the right, and the resultant art. I'm next, and we'll be posting pictures of the process as it goes along. Check back.

Step 1: I Get Plastered

Sidestep: A Birthday Present

"I heard it was your birthday. So I have made a special glass bowl for you. It should be finished by tonight or tomorrow. Will then mail it to you. It is a kiln sculpted glass (melted to the bowl shape), sandcarved, hand painted (literally with my fingers), and inlaid with copper & 10k gold. The process is called Verre' Eglomise, which is a technique about 400 years old. I will be using this technique on one of the two sculptures for you to keep. It has a small peace sign, just for you.

Peggy Stewart"


H  O  M  E