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At the Borderline
The Best of Country Joe McDonald
Live in Berkeley (with the Country Joe Band)
Natural Imperfections (with Bernie Krause)
Secret Agent -- the video
Thinking of Woody Guthrie
A Tribute to Woody Guthrie
Vietnam Experience -- the video
War War War Live
Time Flies By

Incredible Live! is now available only from iTunes

These titles are no longer available new. Try eBay.

Animal Tracks
Carry On
Childs Play
Collected Country Joe and The Fish
Collector's Items: The First 3 EPs
Country Joe
Crossing Borders
Eat Flowers and Kiss Babies
Electric Music for the Mind and Body
Essential Country Joe
Goodbye Blues
Greatest Hits
Here We Are Again
Hold On It's Coming
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Sing...
Into the Fray
Leisure Suite
Life and Times of Country Joe and the Fish
Live! Fillmore West 1969
Love is a Fire
On My Own
Paradise With an Ocean View
Paris Sessions
Peace on Earth
Quiet Days in Clichy
Rock and Roll Music from the Planet Earth
Something Borrowed, Something New
Superstitious Blues
Thank the Nurse
Tonight I'm Singing Just for You
Vietnam Experience
War, War, War

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