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A poem by Country Joe McDonald upon the inauguration of America's somethingth president from the great state of whatever, overcome with a spirit of nationalistic passion in Berkeley, California (which some people insultingly call the "People's Republic of Berkeley," in reference to an ancient establishment of "states" warmly referred to as the United Soviet Socialist Republics which was horrible and has now been replaced by "free enterprise" and "the mafia") -- yippie!!

Nation state
Nation state
Too bad I showed up late
I'm ready to lead
Is it too late?
I'm ready to rule
Is it just my fate
To be chosen at the end
Of the nation state :(

My father told me
Son it's not too late
You can serve your country
And save the world
My father told me
We must defend freedom
To vote in a nation state :_(

Is it too late?
Fuck whatz up with this!
I'm looking good
I'm in real good shape!
I'm ready to lead
A nonexistent nation state! :_(

Come on people
Give me a break
Don't blame me
For my dad's mistakes
I won't be a bossy
Head of state
But for christ's sake
Give me a fucking break
Let me lead
A mighty powerful and great
Nation state!

-- LOL

H  O  M  E