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Subject: Peace March Parade, Sunday, Aug. 15, 1999, Bethel, NY (The anniversary date of the first day of Woodstock Music & Arts Fair)

Attention all hippies, freaks, groovy people, love children, ordinary people and fellow Woodstockers, past & present:

This year, the last year of the twentieth century, on the thirtieth anniversary of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, there will be a long overdue PEACE MARCH PARADE on Sunday the 15th of August to the original Woodstock site in Bethel, NY.

It will be OUR time to reflect on our goals and achievements over the last thirty years, and OURS to ponder the direction to guide our children and our grandchildren.

The commencements will begin around NOON. We expect the event will include the traditional blessing of the site, with ceremonies from several religious denominations and speeches on current events and world peace. Some old friends from the original event may be with us, providing their talents with acoustic instruments, songs and speech.

We are expecting a large turnout at the monument at Hurd & West Shore Road. For everyone's safety we suggest all Peace Marchers proceed on the shoulder of the roads by foot, up Hurd Road from 17B to an assembly area near the Woodstock monument.

The ceremony is estimated to last a few hours or so. On completion all participants can return to their starting points, with their souls recharged with the "Spirit of Woodstock."

All wishing to participate should keep a watch on the Friends Of Yasgurs Farm web page, alt.gathering.woodstock newsgroup, Woodstock '99, Back to the Garden, As You See It message, discussion board and other related sites and message boards related to Woodstock on when to meet at the base of Hurd Road and Route 17B.

A schedule of events and times will be posted in late June or early August at various web sites and newsgroups.

If you would like your URL added to the above list and want to post the information on the Peace March Parade on your site, let us know so we can get it on the press release.

Be prepared to travel via foot, because there will not be a place for motor vehicles in the area. Please be careful and considerate with the traffic and property of the local residents.

Remember to bring your banners, flags, instruments, candles, flowers, sage, incense, etc., friends and most of all your love.

We are asking everyone to bring flowers to wear, lay by the monument and to give to others.


H  O  M  E