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We are working toward making all the song lyrics available on-line. If your favorite isn't here, check back later. Thanks to superfan Serge Mironneau for his help. All lyrics are copyrighted as indicated in the notes to their respective albums.

For licensing and permissions requests, please contact Bill Belmont.

By Album

Carry On
C.J. Fish
Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies
Electric Music for the Mind and Body
Film Scores:
   Quiet Days in Clichy,
   Zachariah and Gas-s-s-s
The First Three EPs
Greatest Hits
Here We Are Again
Hold on It's Coming
Incredible! Live! Country Joe!
Peace On Earth
Thinking of Woody Guthrie
Something Borrowed, Something New
Superstitious Blues
Time Flies By
Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
War, War, War

By Song Title


Acid Commercial (Joe McDonald)
Agony of Hibiscus (Joe McDonald)
Air Algiers (Joe McDonald)
All I Need (Barry Melton)
All of Me Belongs to You (Merle R. Haggard)
All My Love in Vain (Joe McDonald)
America My Home (Joe McDonald)
Ashkenaz (Joe McDonald)
Away Bounce My Bubbles (Gary Hirsh)


Baby Baby (Joe McDonald)
Baby Song, The (Joe McDonald)
Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy (Barry Melton)
Balancing on the Edge of Time (Joe McDonald)
Bass Strings (Joe McDonald) [06 06 66]
Bass Strings (Joe McDonald) [Electric Music for the Mind and Body]
Bells of Freedom (Joe McDonald)
Black Fish (Joe McDonald)
Blood on the Ice (Joe McDonald)
Blowing Down that Old Dusty Road (Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays)
Blues for Breakfast (Joe McDonald)
Blues for Michael (Joe McDonald)
Bomb Song, The (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton)
Bomb Song, The (Reprise) (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton)
Boogie to Blues (Joe McDonald)
Breakfast for Two (Joe McDonald)
Bright Suburban Mr. & Mrs. Clean Machine (Gary Hirsh, Barry Melton)
Bring Back the Sixties, Man (Joe McDonald)


Cakewalk to Baghdad (Bruce Barthol)
Calamity Jane (Joe McDonald)
Call, The (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Camouflage (Joe McDonald)
Carry On (Joe McDonald)
Cetacean (Bruce Barthol)
Charlie Donít Surf (Joe McDonald)
Chicago (Joe McDonald)
Chile (Joe McDonald)
Clara Barton (Joe McDonald)
Clone Song (Joe McDonald)
Cocaine (Rock) (Joe McDonald)
Colorado Town (Joe McDonald)
Colors for Susan (Joe McDonald)
Colortone (Joe McDonald)
Combat Assault (Joe McDonald)
Compared to Florence (Joe McDonald)
Copiapo (Joe McDonald)
Coulenne Anne (Joe McDonald)
Coyote (Joe McDonald)
Crazy Arms (Ralph Mooney, Chuck Seals)
Crystal Blues (Joe McDonald)


Dark Clouds (Joe McDonald)
Darlin Dan (Joe McDonald)
Daughter of England (Joe McDonald)
Death Sound Blues (Joe McDonald)
Deep Down in Our Hearts (Joe McDonald)
Dirt (Joe McDonald)
Dirty Claus Rag (Joe McDonald)
Doctor of Electricity (Barry Melton)
Donovan's Reef (Joe McDonald)
Donít Drop that H Bomb on Me (Joe McDonald)
Do Wop Oh (Joe McDonald)
Dr Hip (Joe McDonald)


Eastern Jam (David Cohen, Gary Hirsh, Barry Melton, Bruce Barthol)
Entertainment is my Business (Joe McDonald)
Epitaph for Three (Joe McDonald)
Era of Guns (Joe McDonald)
Eunicita (Joe McDonald)


Feeling Better (Joe McDonald)
Feels Like Heaven (Joe McDonald)
Fish Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (the) (Joe McDonald)
Fish Moan, The (Joe McDonald)
Flying High (Joe McDonald)
Fly so High (Joe McDonald)
Foreign Policy Blues (Joe McDonald)
For No Reason (Joe McDonald)
Forward (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Four More Years of Good Times (Joe McDonald)
Free Some Day (Joe McDonald) [Resist! Sings Country Joe]
Free Some Day (Joe McDonald) [Incredible! Live!]
Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife (Mac Davis)


G I Josephine (Joe McDonald)
Garden of Eden (Joe McDonald)
Get It Together (Joe McDonald)
Gibble Gabble (Joe McDonald)
Girl Next Door (Joe McDonald)
Give Some Love Get Some Back (Joe McDonald)
Global Affair (Joe McDonald)
Going Home (Trad. arr. by Joe McDonald)
Goodbye Blues (Joe McDonald)
Good Guys/Bad Guys Cheer (Barry Melton)
Grace (Joe McDonald)
Gunshot Wound (Joe McDonald)


Halloween Tree (Joe McDonald)
Hand of Man (Joe McDonald)
Hang on (Joe McDonald)
Happiness Is a Porpoise Mouth (Joe McDonald)
Hard Work and No Play (Joe McDonald)
Harlem Song, The (Joe McDonald)
Heartaches by the Number (Harlan Howard)
Here I Go Again (Joe McDonald)
Hey Bobby (Joe McDonald)
Hold on It's Coming No 1 (Joe McDonald)
Hold on It's Coming No 2 (Joe McDonald)
Hold on to Each Other (Joe McDonald)
Holy Holy Holy (Joe McDonald)
Holy Roller (Joe McDonald)
Hungry Miller & the Hungry World (Joe McDonald)


Ice Pack (Joe McDonald)
I Donít Know Why (Joe McDonald)
I Don't Think So (Joe McDonald)
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag (Joe McDonald) [Take 1 - 09 65]
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag (Joe McDonald) [Take 4 - 09 65]
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag (Joe McDonald) [Take 5 - 09 65]
I Got Them Gas Tank Blues (Joe McDonald)
I'll Survive (Joe McDonald)
I Lost My Connection (Joe McDonald)
I'm Free (Joe McDonald)
I'm Gonna Rock (Joe McDonald)
I'm on the Road Again (Joe McDonald)
Improvization at Moore Art Gallery (Joe McDonald)
I'm So Glad (Joe McDonald)
I'm So Tired (Joe McDonald)
I Need You This and That (Joe McDonald)
In Love Naturally (Joe McDonald)
In St Tropez (Joe McDonald)
I Seen a Rocket (Joe McDonald)
It's Finally Over (Joe McDonald)
It Won't Burn (Joe McDonald)
It's So Nice to Have Your Love (Joe McDonald)


Jamila (Joe McDonald)
Janis (Joe McDonald)
Jean Desprez (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Jessie James (Joe McDonald)
Joe's Blues (Joe McDonald) [Hold On It's Coming]
Joe's Blues (Joe McDonald) [Carry On]
Johnny Rambo (Joe McDonald)


Katrina (Joe McDonald, Barry Marris)
Kiss My Ass (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton) [Resist! Sings Country Joe]
Kiss My Ass (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton) [Incredible! Live!]


La Di Da (Joe McDonald)
Lady with the Lamp (Joe McDonald)
Let It Rain (Joe McDonald)
Limit (Joe McDonald)
Little Blue Whale (Joe McDonald)
Live In Peace (Joe McDonald)
Living in the Future in a Plastic Dome (Joe McDonald)
Lonely On The Road (Joe McDonald)
Lonesome Train Boogie For Woody (Joe McDonald)
Love (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, David Cohen, John Francis Gunning, Gary Hirsh)
Love is a Fire (Joe McDonald)
Love is a Flame It Won't Burn (Joe McDonald)
Love Machine, The (Barry Melton)


Magoo (Joe McDonald)
Making Money in Chile (Joe McDonald)
Man from Athabaska, The (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Mara (Joe McDonald) [C.J.Fish]
Mara (Joe McDonald) [Quiet Days in Clichy]
March of the Dead, The (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Maria (Joe McDonald)
Masked Marauder, The (Joe McDonald)
Memories (Joe McDonald)
Mi Corazon (Joe McDonald)
Mojo Navigator (Ed Denson, Barry Melton, Joe McDonald)
Mr. Big Pig (Joe McDonald)
Mourning Blues (Joe McDonald)
Movieola (Joe McDonald)
Movin (Joe McDonald)
Munition Maker, The (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
My Girl (Barry Melton)
My Last Song (Joe McDonald)


No One Wants to be Trapped Inside (Joe McDonald)
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine (Joe McDonald)
Nothin Means Nothin (Joe McDonald)
Nys' Love (Joe McDonald)


Oh Jamaica (Joe McDonald)
Oh My My (Joe McDonald)
Oh No Sheís Taken All the Blankets (Joe McDonald)
Oklahoma Hills (Leon Jerry Guthrie, Woody Guthrie)
Only Love Is Worth This Pain (Joe McDonald)


Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
Pat's Song (Joe McDonald)
Peace on Earth (Joe McDonald)
Picks and Lasers (Joe McDonald) [Carry On]
Plastic Bag (Joe McDonald)
Plastic Dome (Joe McDonald)
Playing with Fire (Joe McDonald)
Pleasin (Joe McDonald)
Pledging My Love (Joe McDonald
Poppa and Momma (Joe McDonald)
Power Plant Blues (Joe McDonald)
Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
Primitive People (Joe McDonald)
Private Parts (Joe McDonald)


Quiet Days in Clichy I (Joe McDonald)
Quiet Days in Clichy II (Joe McDonald)


Rainbow Stew (Merle Haggard)
Reaching for the Stars (Joe McDonald)
Remembrance (Joe McDonald)
Requiem for Vietnam Part I (Joe McDonald)
Requiem for Vietnam Part II (Joe McDonald)
Return of Sweet Lorraine, The (Joe McDonald)
Ring of Fire (Merle Kilgore, June Carter)
Rock and Roll Again (Joe McDonald)
Rock and Soul Music (Joe McDonald)
Rock Coast Blues (Joe McDonald)
Rockin' Round the World (Joe McDonald)
Roll on Columbia (Woody Guthrie, Huddie Ledbetter, John A. Lomax)
Roseeann (Alan Lomax)
Round and Round (Joe McDonald)


Sad and Lonely Times (Joe McDonald)
Sadness and Pain (Joe McDonald)
Satisfactory (Joe McDonald)
Save the Whales (Joe McDonald)
Secret Agent (Joe McDonald)
Section 43 (Joe McDonald) [06 06 66]
Section 43 (Joe McDonald) [Electric Music for the Mind and Body]
Sexist Pig (Joe McDonald)
She's a Bird (Joe McDonald)
Sheís Gone (Joe McDonald)
Silent Rage (Joe McDonald)
Silver and Gold (Joe McDonald)
Sing Sing Sing (Barry Melton)
Sinking of the Reuben James, The (The Almanac Singers)
Six Days on the Road (Earl Greene, Carl Montgomery)
Slide Trombone Blues (Joe McDonald)
So Long it's Been Good to Know Yuh (Woody Guthrie)
Southern Cross (Joe McDonald)
Space Lovin (Joe McDonald)
Space Patrol (Joe McDonald)
Standing at the Crossroads (Joe McDonald)
Starship Ride (Joe McDonald)
Stolen Heart Blues (Joe McDonald)
Streets of Your Town, The (Barry Melton)
Summer Dresses (Joe McDonald)
Summer of Love (Joe McDonald)
Sunshine (Joe McDonald)
Sunshine through my Window (Joe McDonald)
Superbird (Joe McDonald) [09 65]
Superbird (Joe McDonald) [Electric Music for the Mind and Body]
Support the Troops (Joe McDonald)
Superstitious Blues (Joe McDonald)
Sure Cure For The Blues (Joe McDonald)
Susan (Gary Hirsh)
Swansong (Joe McDonald)
Sweet Marie (Joe McDonald)


Take Time Out (Joe McDonald)
Talkin' Dust Bowl (Woody Guthrie)
Tear Down the Walls (Joe McDonald)
Tennessee Stud (Jimmie Driftwood)
Thank the Nurse (Joe McDonald)
Thing Called Love (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, David Cohen, John Francis Gunning, Paul Armstrong, Bruce Barthol) [06 06 66]
Thinking of John Fahey (Joe McDonald)
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
Thought Dream (Joe McDonald)
Thunderbird (Joe McDonald)
Thursday (David Cohen, Gary Hirsh)
Tiger by the Tail (Harlan Howard, Buck Owens)
Time Flies By (Joe McDonald)
Tom Joad (Woody Guthrie)
Tonight I'm Singing Just For You (Billy Edd Wheeler, Jerry Lieber)
Tranquility (Joe McDonald)
Travelling (Joe McDonald, Barry Melton)
Tricks (Joe McDonald)
Tricky Dicky (Joe McDonald) [Resist! Sings Country Joe]
Tricky Dicky (Joe McDonald) [Incredible! Live!]
Trilogy (Joe McDonald)
Trombone Blues (Joe McDonald)
True Love at Last (Joe McDonald)
TV Blues (Joe McDonald)
Twins, The (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)


UFO (Joe McDonald)
Untitled Protest, An (Joe McDonald)


Vietnam Never Again (Joe McDonald)
Vietnam Veteran Still Alive (Joe McDonald)
Voodoo Boogie (Joe McDonald)
Voyage Of The Good Ship Undersize (Joe McDonald)


Walk in Santiago (Joe McDonald)
Waltzing in the Moonlight (Gary Hirsh, Barry Melton)
War Hero (Joe McDonald)
War Widow (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
Welcome Home (Joe McDonald)
We're the Crackers (Joe McDonald)
What Wondrous Love Is This (Trad./words by W. Wolff arr. by Joe McDonald)
When the Curfew Blows (Woody Guthrie)
Where Did the Time Go (Joe McDonald)
Who Am I ? (Joe McDonald) [09 65]
Who Am I ? (Joe McDonald) [I-Feel-Like-I'm- Fixin'-To-Die]
Who's Gonna Fry Your Eggs (Joe McDonald)
Wilderness Trail (Joe McDonald)
World that We All Dreamed Of (Joe McDonald)
Write a Song (Joe McDonald)



Yankee Doodle (Joe McDonald)
You Can Get It If You Really Want
You Know What I Mean (Joe McDonald)
You Messed Over Me (Joe McDonald)
Young Fellow, My Lad (Robert W. Service, Joe McDonald)
You're The Song (Joe McDonald)
Your Last Few Records (Joe McDonald)
You've Done Me Wrong (Ray Price, George Jones)


Zombies in a House of Madness (Micheal Beasley)


H  O  M  E